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Students from across the country, and around the world, participate in the National Student/Parent Mock Election not only by casting their votes on Mock Election Day, but by leading Mock Election projects schoolwide, districtwide, and statewide. Mock Election participants have organized cable call-in programs, candidate forums, quiz contests, get out the vote campaigns, held mock press conferences and debates, and even "Inaugural Balls". They have tallied Mock Election votes everywhere from state capitols and presidential libraries to television stations and schools and made certain their voices were heard not only on candidates but on key national issues. They involved governors, senators, congressmen, secretaries of state, and state legislators.

Some, as a result of their Mock Election experiences, ended up working on Capitol Hill or in state capitols, frequently for the public officials they met while participating in the Mock Election. Some, in Texas and Kansas, for example, secured paid positions as poll watchers as a result of their Mock Election experiences. Further examples of student activities can be found in Reports from the Real World and the Curriculum Guides to the National Student/Parent Mock Election. Click on the links below for some ideas about what to do in your school, classroom, or home. Let your teachers and/or parents know if you would like to have a Mock Election at your school.

See Elementary and Middle School for more details.

See High School for more details.

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