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National Student/Parent Mock Election 1992 - Ten Years of History

Updated: May 4, 2022

After ten years The National Student/Parent Mock Election is the nation's largest and most successful voter education program, making history and contributing to democracy year after year.

Let's watch this video created on the 31 of October 1992 by C SPAN org.

A short story with a long vision.

Through its success, the National Student/Parent Mock Election became a separate nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in 1982. The 1982 Mock Election had over 250,000 participants. This grew to 3.5 million participants in 1988, and as many as 5 million in 1992. Since then The National Student/Parent Mock Election has had great growth in the collaboration of different entities as well as participants.

After 40 years we have maintained our mission to teach a new generation the basic principles and workings of democracy...

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