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Mre .vxp Games And Applications

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the first thing i noticed was that the games seemed to be much larger than they do on a normal phone. they were compiled as armv7 (32-bit) executables, so they would actually run on a lot of android devices. the games loaded through a fairly standard java interpreter.

the games i looked at were extremely basic. in the best case they were pretty straightforward action games, like shooters and fighters, most of which had been ported to the gv08 smartwatch via the maui platform. others were more like mini-games, which featured a single- or multi-player mode with a small amount of simulated hardware: a 2d panel and a trackball for a steering wheel, a single button for shooting, and perhaps a single touch screen.

there are thousands of applications available for the android operating system, and i was somewhat surprised that i didn't find a single one specifically for the gv08 smartwatch. the best i could find was one called smartwatch, but this was a rather limited app that was a customized version of the google play store, which has been superseded by the google play for android wear app.

i did find a few hidden gems though, and the best were a couple of games which were a real blast to play. one was pocketplay, a game where you pilot a small plane through a series of puzzles. the other game i found was airland, which is a flight simulator for the gv08 smartwatch.

if youre looking for a way to get more out of your gv08 smartwatch, this is where you have to stop. here i am to show you how to install.vxp apps on your gv08 smartwatch. the process is pretty much the same for any smartwatch right now on the android wear platform, but youll obviously get some differences for each case. 3d9ccd7d82


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