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Julian Bell
Julian Bell

Vengeance Drum Fills Vol 2 Free Downloadl

What to expect: Drums and drum fills, hat loops, percussion foley loops from objects one could probably find in every household but would rarely use and last but definitely not least 35 truly amazing melody loops that in and of themselves are addicting song miniatures. One could hear them, well, on loop for hours without getting bored.

Vengeance Drum Fills Vol 2 Free Downloadl


99 Drum Samples is a two-part collection of free drum samples. It contains royalty-free drum sounds crafted from scratch using advanced sound design techniques and processed using internal and external audio gear.

99 Drum Samples I contains 99 free drum samples, including six clap samples, one cowbell sample, four crash cymbal samples, 11 closed hi-hat samples, 26 kick drum samples, five open hi-hat samples, ten percussion samples, two ride cymbal samples, three shaker samples, 22 snare drum samples, and nine tom samples. 076b4e4f54


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