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Plague Inc Mod Apk: Infinite DNA, All Plagues Unlocked, and More

Plague Inc apk mod dna infinito começará escolhendo a dificuldade. Existem três deles, e a diversão do jogo depende muito deles. Por exemplo, no nível de dificuldade mais baixo da Plague Inc, ninguém vai lavar as mãos, os médicos vão parar de trabalhar e eles vão abraçar constantemente pessoas doentes.

Plague Inc is a simulation game where you need to get the mastery in every pathogen, starts from bacteria to bio-weapons. In this game, your primary task is to kill humanity from the world by developing hazardous plagues. Plague Inc is all about learning and becomes a master in creating different types of dangerous viruses/diseases.

plague inc mod apk dna infinito

Download apk:

If you are a passionate player of the plague Inc game, then you definitely know how difficult to collect DNA points in the game. It takes a lot of effort to collect the points after killing infected peoples.

Aside from the large collection of different plagues, you can make your viruses or bacteria to evolve to a more advanced form, thus giving them better traits. This would greatly increase the chances of successful infect a region. Make sure you take good advantage of this skill.

To make the game better and improve your experiences, the developers have constantly released new updates for Plague Inc. The game has now received new plagues, game modes, and many new features are expected to come in the near future.

The game features relatable sounds effect and in-game music which follow the stories and your every action. On top of that, the sound effects are also realistically depicted with each event in the game. You can hear the sound of people screaming for help as you destroy them with the plagues.


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