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Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Of Chaos - Reign Of Dark Zane MOD

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yami arrives in the blue-eyes white dragon's base and finds that they are being attacked by the man known as black-eyes white dragon. he is able to defeat black-eyes using his own deck. at this point, yami realizes that it is black-eyes who has been using his own deck to gain his strength. yami then uses his own deck to defeat the blue-eyes white dragon, but black-eyes is still able to gain the upper hand. he takes the opportunity to lock yami away in his base. yami finds himself in a surreal world, where he encounters a man known as dark illusionary dragon and a girl with an aura that gives yami the feeling that he is able to defeat dark illusionary dragon. yami defeats dark illusionary dragon and the girl thanks him, but yami dismisses her.

yami makes his way to an arena where he is to fight the creature known as dark illusionary dragon, and is shocked to discover that the dark illusionary dragon is actually a baby that has been created by a human named riku, who is a normal child with a soul link with a young girl named anzu. yami defeats dark illusionary dragon and riku, claiming that he has finally found a way to restore the world to normal. yami meets up with anzu and her parents, and is asked by the father about a prophecy that states that one day he will be the victor in a duel, and that he should trust no one. the father then entrusts anzu to yami. anzu tells yami that she has a crush on him. yami is touched by this, but then admits to anzu that he does not like her, much to her disappointment. however, yami later tells anzu that he does like her.

one of yami's most serious confrontations in the original manga was his encounter with seto kaiba. yami and kaiba dueled for a period of time, but yami did not attack kaiba's face when he was injured and when his duel was over, he simply attacked him instead of killing him. he even seemed to sympathise with kaiba. this was because, as he explained to himself, kaiba was a person who always tried to do the right thing. yami later told kaiba that he had let him live, but kaiba could not understand why he had, as he didn't want to. yami explained that he had allowed kaiba to live because of kaiba's kindness, and that was what he wanted. kaiba left this still perplexed and hurt, but yami would say that he had put away his anger and now he must win. yami's duel with kaiba is what led to his dark side, but he was able to become a hero because of the friendship he had developed with kaiba. 3d9ccd7d82


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