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Henne Kelu Ninnaya Golu: A Kannada Police News Story

Henne Kelu Ninnaya Golu (HKN) is a popular Kannada police news story that was published in the weekly magazine Police News in 2023. The story is about a woman named Sudha who is married to a corrupt police officer named Ninnaya. Sudha is unhappy with her husband's illegal activities and decides to expose him by writing a diary of his crimes. She also has an affair with a journalist named Golu who helps her in her mission. However, things take a dangerous turn when Ninnaya finds out about Sudha's diary and Golu's involvement.

The story was written by B.M. Anandgowda, a former police officer who turned into a crime reporter and novelist. He claimed that the story was based on real events that he witnessed during his service. He said that he wanted to expose the corruption and brutality of the police force and also highlight the plight of women who suffer in abusive marriages. He also said that he used humor and satire to make the story more appealing to the readers.

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The story became a sensation among the Kannada readers and received positive reviews from critics and public alike. It was praised for its gripping plot, realistic characters, witty dialogues, and social commentary. It was also appreciated for its use of local slang and dialects that added to the authenticity of the story. The story was also adapted into a radio drama, a stage play, and a web series.

However, the story also faced some controversy and criticism from some quarters. Some police officers and politicians accused Anandgowda of defaming the police force and tarnishing its image. They also alleged that he had fabricated some details and exaggerated some incidents to sensationalize the story. They demanded that he should apologize and retract his story or face legal action. Some conservative groups also objected to the portrayal of Sudha's extramarital affair and her bold attitude. They said that the story was immoral and vulgar and corrupted the minds of the youth.

Anandgowda defended his story and said that he had written it with honesty and courage. He said that he had not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments or reputation, but only to expose the truth and create awareness among the people. He said that he had received many letters and messages from women who had related to Sudha's character and thanked him for giving them a voice. He also said that he had received support from many journalists, activists, lawyers, and artists who had appreciated his work.

The story of HKN remains one of the most popular and influential Kannada police news stories of all time. It has inspired many other writers and filmmakers to explore similar themes and genres. It has also become a part of Kannada popular culture and folklore.


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